Pillory, judgement of the

Pillory, judgement of the
In the mid-14c, this judgement provided articles of inquest into violations of assizes regarding bread and beer and their various measures; the price of wine was also included. A jury of 12 men gathered the various measures to be examined and everything was done publicly: nothing was concealed from public justice. A link was made between the price of wheat and that of ale, e.g. when a quarter of barley was sold for 2s, then four quarts of beer should be sold for 1d. Bakers were warned three times before sentencing to the *pillory if prices or weight of loaves were out of accord with the assize; butchers were punished if they sold contaminated, unwholesome or unfit meat or if the animal had died of *murrain. -

Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases. .

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